retrieves a list of albums in the specified public category 


Yes (see here for details)


(required) long : publiccategoryid - represents the category (use 0 for the root category)
(required) string : publickey - the public key of an application
(required) string : token - the access token

Request Example:{api_sign}/

Response Example:

<rsp status="ok" onrequest="bluemelon.publiccategories.getalbums" total="0" first="0" batch="5">
<album id="13670" title="Pisa, Viareggio, Marina di Pisa, Terrania" url="pisaviareggiomarinadipisaterrania" date="2010-05-06"
absoluteurl="" accessmode="public" photocount="158">
<subview ext="T150" url="/photo/13670/531448-T150.jpg" width="150" height="150"/>
<description>Slovak students in Pisa, Italy</description>
<tags>holiday, travel, Italy, Europe, Summer, Sea, Pisa, healing tower</tags>
<album id="3829" title="Beautiful United States" url="beautifulunitedstates" date="2009-07-22"
absoluteurl="" accessmode="public" photocount="367">
<subview ext="T150" url="/photo/3829/163850-T150.jpg" width="150" height="150"/>

Error Codes:

4 - "Missing parameter"
5 - "Invalid parameter"
12 - "Application not found"
14 - "Invalid accessToken"
16 - "Access token timed out.You must relogin."
17 - "Invalid call signature size"
18 - "Invalid call signature"
20 - "Missing api_sign"